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Streamline Your Order Management

Make ordering teamwear efficient. Combine all aspects of group ordering and delivery into a single system. Control the process from one dashboard.


Save time and free up staff with the new and improved order management process


Time wasted on...

Or if your business has Constantly-Open online shops...


Key features to grow your teamwear business

Build online shops in minutes

Create a bespoke shop in minutes, unique to all your customers’ needs and requirements. Featuring discounted packs, personalisation options, payment options, and so much more.

Ordering accuracy

Remove the possibility of human error with no pen and paper, or copy and paste. All orders are sorted, filtered and colour-coded automatically, by garment type and size.

Editing orders

Should a customer realise they made a mistake or would like to change their order, editing can easily be achieved on the system. The customer will instantly receive an updated receipt of any changes made.

Live Data

View each team/club spend to date OR view the combined daily spend across all open shops. Track the number of orders placed and how many items have been ordered.


The ability to make customers aware when their team/school/club shop window is open and closing. Keep past customers up to speed with your latest offers and promotions.

Order and delivery tracking

Individual customers can track their order directly from their email receipt, from time of purchase to delivery.

Improve workflow with our feature list

Synckit makes it easy for the end user and the business! Designed by a teamwear company for teamwear companies.

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System Features

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