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Kit Ordering - Synchronised!

Synckit is the first order management system of its kind designed by teamwear suppliers for teamwear suppliers.

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We empower teamwear suppliers to increase their profitability through transforming output potential and streamlining the entire order management process.

Synckit is designed to make team and group ordering an entirely seamless process from customer order through to delivery.

Improve your Cashflow

Customers and team members purchase teamwear in the online club shop. Payments are processed directly to your Stripe business account. Credit control becomes a thing of the past.

Free up Staff Resources

Too much time is wasted on setting up shops, collecting & collating orders. Synckit allows shops to be setup in minutes. Orders are collected and reported instantly. This frees up staff to be more productive in other areas.

Reduce Overheads & Increase Profits

With Synckit you can scale your business whilst minimising your administration.

     ○ No chasing up order details or payments
     ○ No paper or manual processes
     ○ No human error
     ○ No limit to the number of open shops

Synckit is open 24 hours. It literally makes money while you sleep!

     ○ Shop opens
     ○ Order and payments received
     ○ Shop closes

“...Synckit has helped us to increase cashflow and scale our business...”

Chris Morgan, CEO
Clubsport NI

So much more than an Order Manager

It makes life easier for the customer and the teamwear company through remote ordering and order collation at the touch of a button!

Build an Online Shop in Minutes

Create a unique shop in minutes matching your customer’s needs. Features discounted packs, unlimited garments, personalisation options, delivery options, payment options and so much more.

Collates Orders & Payments and Generates Reports

The system automatically groups and sorts orders, payments and reports for each shop.

Manage Packing & Customer Tracking

Synckit makes packing orders much easier, with invoices and addresses accessible at a touch of a button. It also allows the customer to track their order from start to finish via their email receipt.

Integrate with your favourite apps

Expand the capabilities of Synckit with additional apps and integrations

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll be happy to assist

It is based on usage; you only pay for items that are sold through the system. Example; X amount of pence per item sold. The more items sold the lower the rate of cost per item.  ‘Pay as you earn.’

Yes, the online shops will have your branding and be unique to your business.

No, not at all, the system is very easy to use no matter your experience with tech.

Synckit can be installed and active for your business within a few days. Then it’s open shops and earn!

Yes, all the open shops can be easily accessed from your website.

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